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Zero Incident Zero Accident
Campaign 2023

Series 2

Level 3, Conference Hall 1 & 2, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

When Nature Acts, We Are Prepared

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" MPM ZIZA Series 2 - Come experience 25 innovative booths & 30 industry
sharing sessions on how technology enables working across monsoon safely "

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The “Monsoon Zero Incident Zero Accidents” campaign aims to promote safety and prevent accidents during the monsoon season. Monsoon refers to the rainy season in countries such as Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar, where heavy rainfall can cause various hazards and accidents.

The campaign focuses on creating awareness among individuals, communities, and organizations about the potential risks and precautions to be taken during the monsoon period. The objective is to reduce accidents, injuries, and loss of life that commonly occur during this time.

The campaign typically includes several key elements:

1. Education and awareness training: This involves creating educational materials such as brochures, posters, and videos that provide essential information on monsoon safety measures. It also includes conducting training sessions for the public and relevant stakeholders to ensure they understand the hazards and are aware of preventive measures.

2. Hazard identification and risk assessment: Identifying potential hazards associated with the monsoon season is critical. 

MPM ZIZA was initiated by PETRONAS 1st October 2015 to educate and give awareness for its Offshore and Marine Operations. This has become an annual event prior entering monsoon season.

On 26 October 2022, MPM led by RDM Department has successfully organized the 2022 MPM Monsoon ZIZA Campaign at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. With the theme of “Let’s Get You Home Safe #priorities”, this year’s focus are on creating chronic unease among all frontliners, preparedness of emergency response equipment and reminders of fully compliance with safety procedures and guidelines. The event was attended by more than 350 participants through physical and online, including Authority Agencies, PACs and service providers.

The session started with Head of Well Completion, RDM MPM, Mr M Rosli Md Zain welcoming all delegations, and followed by keynote address by Head of RDM MPM, Mr Aidil Shabudin in which urging all personnel working during this monsoon season to take all precautionary actions in ensuring Zero Incident and Zero Accident and management to exploit all necessary means to align with the theme “Let’s Get You Home Safe #priorities”. Mr Aidil then launched 2022 MPM Monsoon ZIZA Campaign by flying virtual drone as gimmick.

The event continued by sharing four paper presentations. The first paper on Monsoon ZIZA Campaign Briefing by Principal of Operation Safety, Mr Mas Ariff Ariffin. This then followed by paper on Search And Rescue & Disaster Relief by Lt Com (M) Nur Hafiza Binti Hasan of APMM focusing on APMM roles and capabilities. Third paper on safety aviation was delivered by Lt Kol (B) Ir Anuar Mohamed Nor of Aviation Safety GHSE. Mr Jamaluddin Obeng, Managing Director of Perdana Petroleum Sdn Bhd then shared Lifting During Monsoon, a very insightful sharing of company experiences, actions and commitment towards safety.

Head of Wells Management, RDM MPM, Mr Norazan A Kadir then moderated the conversation session with Mr Shamsol Efendy Dismal, Head of HSE MPM and joined together with all the presenters, to further discuss on subjects related to executing activities during monsoon.